TIME OF THE WALLS,  2011, 3 x 60 cm x 50 cm, Digital c-print

Time of the Walls triptych provides the viewer with different perspectives of walls. It presents them not only from two different distances – close up and far away – but also in two different cities, and in the past and present. 
The triptych is about walls as life-destroying constructions. A wall can be an invisible barrier such as a prejudice or a concrete, visible barrier. Time of the walls travels between two European cities – Berlin and Istanbul – and attempts to explain human beings’ need to construct walls around the self and others. 
Time of the Walls is a journey – both a geographic and psychological one. The abstract photographs are taken in Berlin in 2008 of the Berlin Wall. They were taken using a multiple exposure technique. The photograph in the middle of the triptych was taken in Istanbul in 2010, and represents the more concrete part of the triptych. On the one hand, Time of the Walls is about my own walls that I continuously try to dismantle and, on the other, about visible and invisible walls in Europe.