100 M Dance, 2020, HD, 3.10 min, sound
TARGET Helsinki (founded in 2020)  is a multidisciplinary ensemble that takes an innovative and open-minded approach to bringing contemporary dance and visual arts into new environments. TARGET promotes dance art to new audiences and spaces outside traditional theatre stages. TARGET Helsinki utilizes digital stages in presenting their art work and aims to clear space for art practice on social media platforms. TARGET ensemble includes Noora Geagea, Natasha Lommi, Elina Häyrynen, Kaisu Hölttä, Janne Hast.


KOM Theatre ensemble photographed and painted in 2012.
Laura Malmivaara

Juho MIlonoff

Niko Saarela

Pekka Valkeejärvi

Vilma Melasniemi

Eeva Soivio