STRUGGLE (2014-2018) is a series of eight single channel video works, that bid farewell to the character of the archetype suit-wearing male. Made in collaboration with the actor Niko Saarela, in each work the main protagonist humorously acts out a seemingly every-day struggle, within various settings. Depicted brushing his teeth in the middle of a busy street, carrying a heavy suitcase through a snowy forest, falling asleep on the job, attempting to walk through crashing waves and having a lone demonstration. Each absurd gesture reminds us that we must move forward while invoking an emotional response to his futile struggles and efforts.
STRUGGLE: Untitled, HD, 6.24 min, silent, 2014
STRUGGLE: VIII, HD, 6.24 min, silent, 2018
STRUGGLE: Untitled VII, HD, 6.24 min, silent, 2018
WAITING FOR GODOT (FROM STRUGGLE), HD, 3.20 min, silent, 2018
STRUGGLE: Untitled IV, HD, 6.24 min, silent, 2016
STRUGGLE: IX, HD, 6 min, silent, 2018
STRUGGLE: Untitled V, HD, 6.24 min, silent, 2017
STRUGGLE: X, 30 cm x 127 cm, Diasec, silent, 2018
STRUGGLE: Untitled III,  HD, 6.24 min, silent, 2015

XIDAN Culture Square, Beijing, China
Aesthetic Art Prize Catalogue, 2015