1 Minute, 2024
2-Channel video, 1 min, 4K, colour

Idea, Director, Producer, Clown, Editing     Noora Geagea
​​​​​​​Camera / Drone                                            Joey Holder

Ha ha, 2023, video still

Ha ha, 2023, 4K, colour, stereo, 2,55 min (excerpt)

Idea, Director, Producer, Clown, Editing     Noora Geagea
Laughter                                                           Niko Saarela
             Camera                                                        Sakke Hietalahti

The inception of the works 1 Minute and Ha ha are rooted in the collective emergencies of our contemporary world, exploring the dichotomy of individual artificiality and the imperative to forge ahead amid global crises. The archetypal figure of the clown serves as a conduit for both a sense of helplessness and a rebellious spirit. The moral contradictions that surface in the face of world crises often appear insurmountable on a personal level, yet the exigencies of the situation compel us to make choices.
The works by Geagea refrain from offering explicit moral directives; instead, they beckon the viewer to introspect, contemplating the significance of the clown's character within the artwork. Distilling something essential from our era, bypassing an overreliance on contextualising language, the work presents simple yet potent scenarios—images charged with meaning. In the intricate landscape of crises, a compelling image can speak volumes, transcending language barriers and inciting viewers to action.
Hence, these artworks communicate not just a sense of helplessness, but also convey themes of activism, and hope. 1 Minute and Ha ha stand as an autonomous pieces within a series of looped films, contributing to a larger narrative.